Oakland Art Gallery with Raffle Offering

Arte VerissimaSince I previously wrote about Oakland’s First Fridays, I’d like to call attention to an art gallery in Oakland that is off the beaten path, yet still close by.

Arte Verissima Gallery is top-notch. You won’t find any art here that makes you wonder what’s the matter with you. That’s not to say that the art here is predicable or typical, but rather, it’s simply good. Yes, I know some things are subjective and I don’t mean to get into the philosophy of art (as much as I love it). I simply want to be clear that Arte Verissima is worth your time to visit.

The gallery is in a quaint house in Piedmont with roses leading to the front door, on a street that is perfect for strolling (i.e. there are plenty of restaurants). The opening receptions are truly for everyone—all are welcome. The next one will be the evening of December 6th, a group show with amazing artists, including gallery owner and sculptor Bruce Wolfe, Golden Gate Atelier Director Andrew Ameral, and portrait artist Scott Wallace Johnston.

Carol Tarzier paintingWhat’s showing now? Carol Tarzier’s beautiful landscapes, still lifes, and a few of her sculptures. I love her work! She is raffling the painting I am showing here (my photo does not do it justice). As much as I’d rather win the raffle myself, I’m kindly sharing the details with you because, well, the artist deserves as much. If you visit the gallery during their hours—Friday to Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.—you can enter to win this original painting. Raffle tickets are each $35. The show is up until November 23, but I’m not sure exactly when the drawing will be, so plan your artistic outing soon. Or, if you attend this weekend’s Saturday Stroll, just stroll a little farther to 4432 Piedmont Avenue.

2 Responses to Oakland Art Gallery with Raffle Offering

  1. suja says:

    well that gallery looks worthy of a tour! Is Scott showing his work or commission work? got to be his work if he is going to sell….although I don’t know what “his style” and subject would be. Must want to do other subjects than portraits. As always your writing makes me want to go to wherever your adventure took you!

  2. Gail Johnston says:

    Thanks, Suja. In the group show, since there’s only so much space, each artist will show just a few of their pieces. I believe everything that is shown will be for sale.

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