Unexpected Art & Design in Buenos Aires

My daughter is studying abroad in Buenos Aires this year and refused to come home for Christmas, so we took a few trains, planes and taxis to get to her. Upon arrival, our Airbnb host greeted the four of us with kisses on the cheek, which somewhat eased the pain of the 24-hour trip, as did the pizza and Malbec we enjoyed later that night.

The cultural kisses, good food, and wine were all expected. What I didn’t expect was how much I’d be inspired by the art and architecture of the city. Maybe it was the lens I was looking through, but there is art everywhere: murals in the subways, elaborate street art (graffiti is somewhat welcome in the city), ornate European-style buildings, and unique artifacts in shops and cafés—not to mention art in galleries and museums. On our one excursion out of the city to Iguazu Falls, design and beauty was found in the tiniest butterfly to the most magnificent of falls (and the labyrinth of paths that lead you through them).

Here’s a collection of photos I took to relay the various sources of inspiration in Buenos Aires, the most visited city in South America for good reason.