Waiting for 99 Bottles of Wine

99 Bottles of WineAll I want for Christmas is 99 bottles of wine. That is, I want the book cleverly titled 99 Bottles of Wine. I came across it while my husband and I were touring the Wine Country on our anniversary and became enthralled. But since it was our anniversary, I could only linger so long with the sexy book. I let it go but kept thinking about it. Last week, I clearly asked for the book for Christmas. If it doesn’t show up, I will take matters into my own hand; one way or another, I will post a proper review in the new year.

Til then, I can say this much: the author, David Schuemann, has been kind to share so much of his knowledge. Sure, the book shows off his great work as a designer, but being an author myself, I believe he put together the book because he had the idea and knew he was the one to fulfill it. Books are not easy to do; they require much more effort than you would think. I appreciate that Schuemann followed through with his inspiration and completed this unique work. It is a gift to people in the industry, fellow designers like myself, and all those who appreciate fine wine.