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Wine I Purchased for the Label and Why

As a graphic designer of wine and spirits, when I buy a bottle just because I like the label, I get to deduct the expense as a business-related reference material. How sweet is that? With the new tax legislation, a rumor has been circulating that the usual deductions for small business owners are eliminated, but […]

San Francisco Vintners Reserve at the Metreon

The Metreon was a winning venue for the soldout gathering of Cult Wineries and Reserve Wineries, by SF Vintners Market, One Brick, and The Mercury News. The size of the hall is big enough to give you an adequate rush, but not so big that you can’t get a handle on it. San Francisco was glistening […]

Branding for Houston Family Vineyards

Paul Houston is a new client. He is not from Napa, nor Sonoma, the Sierra Foothills, or any number of places known for wine production. Paul is from Hayward, California, where he is doing something new. He is harvesting Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from his own vineyards, just a few miles from his home. Hired […]

Lodi, Rainbows, and Wine

It was a perfect morning for finding a rainbow. Scattered rain with sun rays working their way through cumulus clouds. Sure enough, during our hour drive to Lodi’s Wine & Chocolate Weekend, we saw a full rainbow right in front of us. We would have driven right through it if that were technically possible. It was […]

Review of 99 Bottles of Wine

As promised, here is my review of the book, 99 Bottles of Wine, supplementing my pre-purchase review a few months ago. You may already know that the author, David Schuemann, is owner of CF Napa and the designer of the labels shown in the book. While many of the featured labels are also on the […]

Every Winery Has A Story

“Story” is clearly a buzzword in advertising and design. Sometimes businesses try too hard to have one, and the message feels forced. But in the wine industry, stories usually flow as naturally as the wine. You might think the story would be the same from one winery to another—a simple tale about loving wine and […]

Livermore or LiveMore?

Wine tasting in Livermore is a lively experience. It makes me think that Livermore should drop the “r” in the name and get the attention it deserves. I shared my recent wine tasting outing with Deborah (the wine expert at Johnston & Alves) and Carolyn, a physicist who previously spent over ten years at the […]

Labels We Love

Written by Deborah Adeyanju I first encountered Mouton Noir’s wines at Ruby Wine in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood when a friend suggested meeting there for a tasting. Though the shop had been on my list for a while, as has most of Potrero, I had yet to experience any of its numerous tastings. When we arrived, we were […]

When Your Wine is Better than Your Label

Written by Michael Alves Last night my sister-in-law, who’s in the wine business herself, served one of the best Chardonnays I’ve had in ages. It was lush, buttery, and absolutely delicious. So naturally I wanted to know who made it. In food and wine marketing, I’d call my actions a classic “Taste Led” experience: one […]