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Mind The Gap: What’s in an AVA?

Petulama Gap became California’s newest American Viticultural Area (AVA) on December 7, 2017. Though only a tiny sliver of land — it measures 15 miles across — in this case, a little translates into a lot. The AVA contains 4,000 acres of grapevines, three-quarters of which are Pinot Noir. Chardonnay and Syrah make up the […]

Wine Pairing for Artists

I sometimes see colors when I hear musical notes. Viewing Vicki Gunter‘s art during Saturday Stroll, I tasted wine. Her themes, “Everything is Everything” and “The Canary in the Coal Mine, The Elephant in the Room” spotlight the interconnectedness of all life. They call attention to the damage humans are doing to this home we share […]

Oakland Wine Festival: Spotlight on Silverado Vineyards’ Russell Weis

In the run-up to last year’s first Oakland Wine Festival, I had the great pleasure of interviewing several of the leading winemakers and executives involved in the event as honorary Steering Committee Members. This year’s event seemed an appropriate time to revisit some of those conversations. Below are notes from my conversation with Russell Weis, General […]

When You Come to a Fork in the (Wine) Road, Take It

Admittedly our North Fork weekend happened sort of by default. Dedicated Riesling fans that we are, our original plan had been to go to the Finger Lakes for a no holds barred “It’s all about Riesling” weekend. So we were disappointed when calls to multiple B&B’s, tense searches on Kayak and Expedia, and even an […]

Playoff Wines: Hestan Vineyards Kickoff

The occasion: Oakland Wine Festival’s kickoff tasting and party. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Hestan Vineyards until very recently. With more than 500 wineries in Napa County, even the most dedicated wine geek can have trouble keeping up. All the more reason to learn about the winery and the wines during Oakland Wine Festival’s Kickoff event […]

Oakland Pride: Mountain Vineyards and The NFL

I’ve been fortunate to have attended nearly all the kickoff events for Oakland Wine Festival (OWF). The most recent one took place at Picán in Uptown Oakland. I first went to Pican about four years ago and it opened my eyes to the new and improved food scene developing in that part of Oakland. Southern cuisine […]

Running for Parliament: Oakland Wine Festival’s Silverado Vineyards Tasting

Last week’s tasting at Oakland event space Parliament had all the elements of a great evening: an eager crowd, wines from Silverado Vineyards, a well-known Napa name with a distinguished pedigree; and Melody Fuller: Oakland native, wine, food, and travel writer, and the organizer of Oakland Wine Festival. Although I didn’t literally have to run to this […]

Bay Grape: Napa Comes to Oakland

I first met Stevie Stacionis, one of Bay Grape‘s owners, completely by serendipity. I was showing an out of town friend around Oakland. We started with brunch at Camino, one of my favorites, in the Grand Lake area.  Then we moved on to a quick walk around Lake Merritt, before deciding to wend our way to Rockridge. All […]

Seavey Winery: A Hidden Gem In Napa

It was a friend’s request that prompted me to finally visit Seavey Winery. He was at a loss as to where to take a visiting friend on a first trip to Napa. So I offered to put together an itinerary for a great day of tasting in Napa. Along with a major commercial winery that […]

Eating, Tasting, and Spitting at Fort Mason

  I’ve always loved San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center. For one thing, its location can’t easily be topped. It sits on the edge of San Francisco Bay, with beautiful sweeping views over the water and the Golden Gate Bridge; fog permitting. Not only that, the complex itself is striking. Part of the National Park Service, […]

An Enlightening “Saturday Stroll” in Oakland

I’d been meaning to go to Oakland Art Murmur for the past three years. Yet somehow I never found the time. So when Gail, a new arrival to the Bay Area, expressed interest in checking out Oakland, it was game on. Off we set, two Gails (you can read Gail Johnston’s post on our Stroll […]

Wine, Women, and Stories: Meeting Michaela Rodeno

I recently had the chance to briefly unite two of my passions: financial markets and wine when I received an invitation to attend a networking event and book signing hosted by Financial Women of San Francisco, a professional association. The evening featured retired wine industry executive and author Michaela Rodeno, who spoke about her experiences in the wine […]

No Ordinaire-y Lunch

Two weeks ago Ordinaire, a new wine bar in Oakland, hosted a pre-La Paulee (Daniel Johnnes’ annual homage to the famed Burgundian fete) lunch with visiting French winemaker Philippe Pacalet. Located in the eclectic Grand Lake neighborhood, the wine bar/shop opened in late 2013. With a focus on local – to California – wines made with minimal intervention, […]

And the Oscar Goes To…

Written by Deborah Adeyanju In the run-up to the Oscars on Sunday, March 2, planning is at a fever pitch. Since part of this blog’s purpose is to highlight great brands, we thought a post on a brand that’s been closely linked to the ceremony for years would find a ready audience. We also thought we’d […]

Domink Sona is in The (Barrel) Room

Written by Deborah Adeyanju Spending time with Dominik Sona is simply stated, a treat. Not only does he have charisma to spare and a gift for a clever turn of phrase, his passion for high quality winemaking is clear. And with previous experience working with Ernst Loosen at J.L. Wolf, as well as Stateside at […]

A Day at the Fair

The 2014 Unified Symposium Written by Deborah Adeyanju For wine professionals, a day at the Unified Symposium is a lot like being a kid in a candy store. The annual conference and tradeshow is the U.S. wine world’s largest gathering. It’s a showcase for all things wine-related: from up to the minute seminars, to equipment […]